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Hey girl, I am so glad you found me! 

My name is Kenzie & I specialize in blondes & Halo Couture Extensions! I pride myself in a relaxed luxurious experience for my guests. 

Are you interested in booking with me for your next blonding experience or Halo Couture consultation? I would love to meet you! 

Click the 'request appointment' box below & it will take you to my online booking system! 

Click 'Book Now' & follow with 'New Guest Services!' 

I have simplified my services to make it easy effortless for you! 

Are you currently light & just want to enhance your blonde & maybe looking to try something new? Click the 'New Guest Blonding' 

Are you currently dark & wanting a big change? 'Extreme Hair Makeover' is the service for you! 

Looking to book a Halo Couture Consultation? Head down to 'Halo Couture Extensions' & click 'consultation!' 

Have any further questions? Click the "Get in touch with Kenzie' button on my home page & I will get back to see you as soon as I can! 

I cannot wait to meet you! 


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